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THC-Free Premium CBD Rise, CBG Revive And CBN Restful Gummies


Love and passion hit when landing for the first time in Antigua and Barbuda, known as Sugar Island in the Caribbean.

Dreamy blue skies, crystal clear waters, clean air and magnificent sun, rising and resting to mark each day, in harmony with the natural environment. A place where every day is a fresh start. With pillars in health and wellness, we created our daily ritual of Rise, Revive, Rest. The essence, benefits, and organic components of our CBD, CBN, and CBG form the backbone of SWEET PEACE and BALANCE discovered on Sugar Island and captured for you in our bottles.

Enjoy your journey!

Founder & CEO
Susan B.


Your daily lifestyle ritual

Every day is a fresh start.

At 'Sugar Island CBD' we believe life is about finding peace in our everyday. Our unique & balanced combination of premium CBD, CBN, & CBG, make 'Sugar Island CBD' a leader in luxury Cannabinoid edibles.


We believe life is about finding peace in our everyday.

Our daily ritual offers a unique and balanced combination of premium broad-spectrum CBD, CBN, & CBG, with enhancing +nutraceuticals, to create artisanal infused gummies to optimize health, wellness, and performance.


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The staple in edible infusions, broad-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD). Premium quality CBD helps fight anxiety, encourages sleep, and reduces skin & joint inflammation.

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Cannabigerol (CBG) is the newest trend in Cannabinoid edibles. Found in concentrated and limited quantities, CBG isolate acts as a digestive and immune system booster, while also tackling inflammation & pain.

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Rare, premium quality Cannabinol (CBN) isolate is infused into our gummies to help promote sleep, antibacterial activity, and pain suppressants.

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Quality Guaranteed

As a leader in luxury Cannabinoid edibles, every Sugar Island CBD gummy is third-party tested to guarantee premium ingredients, consistent potency, and brand transparency.

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Lab Reports

I'm finishing my MBA while working a fast-paced job and needed something to help me destress. I started taking the Rise and Revive gummies a week ago and can already feel the difference - I'm more relaxed, less anxious, and feel generally at peace. The flavours are delicious too!

ZoeNew York City

As a young working professional in a fast-paced environment, I need to unwind at the end of a long day to be ready to perform optimally the next day. I use the REST gummy to calm myself in the evening to ensure a good sleep, and the RISE CBD as part of my morning routine so I am prepared for the day ahead.

IanLos Angeles

Being self-employed I often find myself working long hours, 6 days a week and running out of energy. I find it hard to fall asleep when I am overtired. After having these CBD gummies through out the day I found my energy to stay at a constant level. I was able to fall asleep easily and woke up rested. Highly recommend.

BeataToronto | Warsaw

I seriously had the best sleep of my life, without any sort of groggy feeling in the morning!


sweet peace

At 'Sugar Island CBD' we believe life is about finding peace in our everyday.

Our unique & balanced combination of premium CBD, CBN, & CBG, make 'Sugar Island CBD' a leader in luxury Cannabinoid edibles. Learn more about Sugar Island CBD and our Gummies here!

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