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CBG isolate chemical compound

What is CBG?

CBG is a non-intoxicating, naturally occurring chemical compound, most abundant in low-THC cannabis and hemp strains. Because it is a chemical precursor to THC, CBD and CBC, CBG was given the fitting nickname “The Mother of All Cannabinoids.”  

In the past, CBG was available only in very small amounts, making it hard to study. It wasn’t uncommon to find hemp plants with 10 to 20% CBD and barely 1% CBG. To make CBG-only products, companies had to invest in costly equipment for complex extraction techniques. As a result, CBG didn’t get the attention it deserves.

However, that has changed in recent years as hemp farmers have cultivated hemp plants specifically to produce higher levels of minor cannabinoids. Hemp genetics are advancing rapidly, opening numerous possibilities for products with more rare cannabinoids, including CBG.

How Does CBG Work?

Just like CBD and THC, CBG interacts with receptors throughout our bodies, including those in the endocannabinoid system and elsewhere, to support homeostasis and bring relief. CBG presents potential for therapeutic benefits, including:

  • A Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Response – A study in 2013 explored the effects of CBG on mice with colitis, an inflammatory bowel condition. The researchers discovered CBG reduced nitric oxide production, promoting an anti-inflammatory response.
  • Appetite Stimulation – According to research conducted on rats in 2016, CBG was a well-tolerated and effective appetite stimulant. CBG, the study found, has affinity for several molecular targets that regulate feeding behavior. This could be beneficial for people with conditions that cause a lack of appetite.
  • Neuroprotective Properties – In 2015, researchers found CBG was highly effective as a neuroprotectant in mice with Huntington’s Disease. Its ability to reduce inflammation and symptoms opens avenues for further investigation on CBG and neurodegenerative diseases.

CBG brings many exciting possibilities to the world of wellness. Continued research is sure to reveal more ways this incredible compound can improve lives.

Sugar Island CBD's Approach to CBG

Sugar Island CBD excited to offer our customers superior-quality products with pure CBG isolate so they can experience the full benefits of this often-underused, but powerful cannabinoid. Like all our products, our CBG products contain safe, premium ingredients and are third-party tested.