Our Product

Love and passion hit when landing for the first time in Antigua (Antigua and Barbuda), known as Sugar Island in the Caribbean. 
Dreamy blue skies, crystal clear waters, clean air and magnificent sun, rising and resting to mark each day, in harmony with the natural environment. A place where every day is a fresh start.
With pillars in health and wellness, we created our daily ritual of Rise, Revive, Rest. The essence, benefits, and organic components of our CBD, CBN, and CBG form the backbone of SWEET PEACE, BALANCE, and GRATITUDE discovered on Sugar Island CBD and captured for you in our bottles.
Enjoy your journey!


Creating a premium quality Cannabinoid gummy requires care and precision in the selection of each ingredient. We've carefully chosen only the highest quality nutraceuticals to enhance our gummies, and your CBD experience.


Reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, inflammation & swelling. Increase brain function; including memory, reaction time, and talk performance. Also proven to increase testosterone levels, muscle mass, and strength. 


 Aiding cold and flu like symptoms; ie, sinus relief, inflammation reduction. Elderflower is also beneficial to immune health, and digestive booster. 


A well-known sleep aid, Melatonin also helps promote eye health, reduce seasonal depression and tinnitus symptoms. 



Necessary for the growth, development, and health of all body tissues; including skin, hair, nails, teeth, cartilage, and bones. Balanced Vitamin C also aids the immune system and wound healing.



B12 plays a vital role in the maintenance and development of red blood cells, as well as nerve cells and even our DNA. Increased blood efficiency is proven to aid in energy levels and task performance.


Sugar Island CBD Gummies are created in small-batches by hand. Our Nutraceuticals, all-natural ingredients, and Cannabinoids are hand-mixed together before setting and then tossed in sugar.  Our luxury Gummies are created using Apple Puree, rather than water, as a base to ensure higher Cannabinoid binding and guaranteeing consistent and maximum potency in each gummy. Sugar Island CBD Gummies go above and beyond in ensuring potency, and the quality of their effects reflects it.